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Windows application that detects intelligence on a CGM file based on sophisticated mathematical algorithms.

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IntelliCGM uses complex business rules to inspect and validate intelligent primitives on CGM illustrations. With IntelliCGM you can automatically detect and hotspot wires, IPB indexes, electrical components or any other type of object. IntelliCGM gives you complete control over what symbols and primitives can be used in your technical illustrations. IntelliCGM can:

  • Automatically detect and hotspots primitives such as wires, ipb indexes, electrical components or any other object that meets your specifications.
  • Validate all attributes and primitives found in the illustration.
  • Verify text found in the illustration using custom dictionary.
  • Generate error reports and companion file for intelligent objects defined in the illustration

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  • Extract text and other attributes detected in the graphic to make them searchable.
  • Verify characteristics of any primitive such as font size, color, line type or any other attribute.
  • Detect and verify content of complex custom symbols
  • Restrict text to a custom dictionary.
  • Supports different types of technical illustrations such as schematics, hydraulic diagrams, ipb, locators, etc.
  • Output the metadata from the illustration into a companion file, which can be integrated with the IETM viewer.