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» Version History.

  • | First non-BETA.
  • | Fixed most of the really ugly icons, other minor stuff. Brought back the 'Ignore metafiles' checkbox in configuration.
  • | Added a auto-reconnect to clipboard checkbox to config (Use only if needed.)
  • | Fixed 'stack overflow' when using auto-reconnect. Added nice print, print preview capability. (Feedback requested since this is quite a change.) Added "Check for updates" on help menu. (Just checks version.) ALSO broke the search in help file. Will be fixed in next version.
  • | The international captions capability is now available. This setup has only the English (Template) file and one other- the Swedish translation. We're looking for volunteers to translate to other languages. We also fixed the help file, including index. If you were having problems with Win9x/ME identifying the parent application- it's fixed now. Various other little 'anomalies' were fixed.
  • | Lots of new stuff: 'Macros' (Just date and time right now.) for boilerplates, icons for the listview are cached now- this helps with EXEs that are located on a share that may not always be present, updates for the registered version are initiated by a 'Check for Updates' item on the help menu, added a 'Search web' right-click menu on the listview and text viewing area, and fixed a problem with the global menu popup being incorrect when the listview is sorted by anything other that chronological order.
  • | Much improved logic for cleanup of deleted, expired clippings. Added logic to warn if repositories are getting too large. Much improved update functionality. (Registered version.)
  • | Added ability to perform software updates from within YCX.