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» Side by side comparation of YCX vs. YC3.

Configurable collection size yes  
Ability to recover deleted clippings yes  
Send clippings from and to any collection with one click yes  
Number of collections 5 2
Unlimited number of Boiler Plate collections yes yes
Supports any clipboard format yes  
Dynamic URL launch yes yes
Drag & Drop yes yes
Ability to merge clippings yes yes
Ability to sort clippings yes yes
Support for ordering clippings   yes
Support for internationalization yes yes
Ability to encrypt collections yes  
Ability to Import/Export clippings yes  
Ability to send only selected formats to clipboard yes  
Ability to add URL to IE Favorites yes  
Ability to associate clippings with Hot Keys yes  
Support for macros yes  
Search the Web from Yankee Cilpper yes  
Ability to strip characters yes yes
Ability to change Boiler Plate collection using Hot Key yes  
Ability to change Auto Filter collection using Hot Key yes  
Advanced search functionality yes  
Ability to automatically redirect clippings to appropriate collection (Auto Filter) yes  
Ability to reject clippings copied from specified applications yes  
Configurable repositories location yes  
Repository size watch yes