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» New 12-21-2010: Email issues

Having email issues. If you don't get a quick response send support requests directly to support@yankee-clipper.net 

» A powerful Windows clipboard extender/memory- now in its third generation. Handles Pictures, Richtext, URLS, etc - any size. Features printing, drag and drop, optional permanent storage of clippings. Familiar "Outlook" interface. Freeware.

» Features:

  • Free support and free upgrades for everCurrent version:
  • Free support and free upgrades for everSaves past 200 text and RTF, 20 BMP and Metafile, and 200 URL clipboard entries.
  • Has the ability to save and re-use "boilerplate" clippings. Simply right-click on the item and select "Send to boilerplate". Unlimited boilerplate collections can be created.
  • URL aware- links copied to clipboard can be instantly launched.
  • Can float on top of other applications for fast pasting.
  • No size limits for "clippings".
  • Prints any text clipboard entry, nicely word-wrapped.
  • This is a simple program to understand and use.
  • Has a global hotkey to make the application visible when hidden, and another to instantly show and select past "clippings" without showing the application.
  • Clippings can be dragged & dropped to/from YCIII.
  • Can strip unwanted "quote" characters ("<", "|") from "clippings".
  • Supports ordering of boilerplate items.
  • Can automatically re-connect to clipboard when rogue applications break clipboard chain.
  • Support for Internationalization. Install include Italian, French, and German. More to come ... Just rename Internation.ini.[Language] to International.ini (Looking for people to translate to other languages, please)